Indian Railway Customer Care Number IRCTC Refund Complaint

Indian Railway Customer Care Number IRCTC Refund Complaint

Call Indian Railway Customer Care Number Toll Free Numbers

  • 139  (PNR/Cancellation/Fare Inquiry, Seat availability, Current train running position)
  • 011- 155210  (Vigilance Help Line No.)

139 Menu (When you call)

For PNR, Fare, Train Arrival/Departure/ Train Time Table Accommodation Availablity, Train Name/Number

    • Dial 139

    • Initially when you call you will hear welcome message both in Hindi & English asking for language choice

  • Choose Language
    • Press 1 for Hindi
    • Press 2 for English
    • Press 3 for Punjabi
  • →After language selection you are presented with following options:
  • Select Option
    • Press * to call directly to customer care executive
    • Press 1 for PNR Status
    • Press 2 for Arrival, Departure, Cancellation ,Train Divertion status
    • Press 3 for Accomodation avability
    • Press 4 To Know About Fare Enquiry
    • Press 5 To book Ticket through UPI,Debit Card ,Credit Card or by Cash Card delivery by courier or in your email
    • Press 6 to cancel reserved ticket
    • Press 7 for Wake up call or initial alert
    • Press 8 for Wheel Chair Booking
    • Press 9 for ordering food menu

Send SMS to 139 (SMS Charge 3/SMS)

Indian Railway Customer Care Number
Enquiry SMS Format Send it to Example
For PNR Enquiry PNR <10-digit PNR number> 139 PNR 1234567890
For Train Arrival/
Departure Enquiry
AD <Train number> <Station STD code> 139 AD 12859 011 (STD Code of Delhi)
For Accommodation
SEAT <Train number><Station from: STD code>
<Date of Journey ddmmyy><Station to: STD
code><Class e.g 1A ,2A ,SL or G><Quota>
139 SEAT 12561 020611 0542 0571 SL G
For Fare Enquiry FARE <Train number><Date of Journey ddmmyy> <Station form: STD code>
<Station to: STD code><Class><Quota>
139 FARE 12561 020611 0542 0571 SL G
For Train Time
Time <Train number> 139 TIME 14034
For Train Name/Number <Train Name> or <Train number> 139 TN Kalka Shatabdi or TN 14034

For Any Complaint or Suggestions

Railway Police Helpline

  • Dial 1512 Police operated by State Government Police
  • Dial 1800-111-322 Police under control of central govt. (RPF)

Vigilance Toll Free Helpline

  • 155210

Security Helpline or Railway Police

  • If you feel unsafe in train you can call
  • 182 or Dial 1800-111-322

Online Complaint



Fare Enquiry

Train Enquiry


Complaint on Twitter

Complaint Through SMS

Other SMS Number having same facility for quick response

Enquiry SMS Format Send it to Example
For PNR Enquiry PNR <10-digit PNR number> 5676747 or 54959 PNR 1234567890
Checking for Trains
running between two
TL < starting city > < ending city > 5676747 or 54959 TL Delhi Mumbai
Checking for Ticket Availablity TA <train number > <starting city> <ending city> <journey date > 5676747 or 54959 TA 2432 delhi mumbai 17Aug

Coach Mitra Service / डब्बे मैं सफाई आदि की सुविधा

SMS using below syntax to 138

For Coach Cleaning OB <Space> C<Space><PNR>
For Toilet Cleaning OB<Space>T<Space><PNR>
For Watering OB<Space>W<Space><PNR>
For Pantry Repair OB<Space>R<Space><PNR>
For Pest/Rodent OB<Space>P<Space><PNR>
For Linen/Bed Roll OB<Space>L<Space><PNR>
For Electrical Repair OB<Space>E<Space><PNR>

हिंदी मैं

कोच की सफाई के लिए OB <Space> C<Space><PNR>
शोचालय की सफाई के लिए OB<Space>T<Space><PNR>
पानी की उपलब्धता के लिए OB<Space>W<Space><PNR>
किसी छूती मरम्मत के लिए OB<Space>R<Space><PNR>
कीड़े/मकोड़े या चूहों के लिए OB<Space>P<Space><PNR>
बिस्तर एवं चादर आदि के लिए OB<Space>L<Space><PNR>
बिजली की मरम्मत के लिए OB<Space>E<Space><PNR>

Other Helpline

  • Click For check FNR Status . FNR (Frame Noise Reduction) is service used to eliminate fine noises from blu-ray discs

Income Tax Customer Service Numbers

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